Focus on the things that matter, both in and out of the office, trust The Focus Planner.

Focus, productivity and balance. Have your best day every day.

Track your goals, create new habits and set up your day to be more effective.

The Focus Planner is our progress journal 2.0. 

Your work life balance will sky rocket and you'll spend more time on what's important instead of just spinning your wheels.

If you find it hard to stay on track and feel like you haven't got time to devote to the things that matter, this simple tool will change the way you think and the way you work.  

Daily plan

Planning your day is critical to maximise your time. The daily planner will keep you focused.

Perfect week

Design your perfect week so you're always organised and ready for anything.

Notes & brainstorming

Plenty of space to plan & brainstorm. You can use the Focus Planner as your notes journal also.

Monthly goals

The monthly plan sets you up and refocuses your goals for the month ahead.

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Using a journal puts you in good company...

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

“I like to write. I’ve gone through different phases in my life of writing in a journal more or less frequently, but it’s something I turn to, especially when I’m trying to work through something that’s vexing me.”

Barack Obama

“Writing teaches you how to think. It forces you to ask questions of yourself and forces you to try to figure out how to reconcile different attitudes, how to process different experiences, and how to give voice to your opinions in a coherent way.”

Tim Ferriss

“It’s easy to become obsessed with pushing the ball forward as a Type-A personality and end up a perfectionist who is always future-focused. My journal is a therapeutic intervention... that allows me to not only get more done during the day but to also feel better throughout the entire day..."

Emma Watson

“I love the idea of starting my day by listing three things I’m grateful for. And going to bed thinking about the three amazing things that happened in the day. I’m a big believer in the transformative practice of gratitude..."

"The Focus Planner has helped me implement the skills to maintain work life balance and to get the big things done. I spend less of my time working on things that don’t make a difference"

What people say about The Focus Planner

"Having a plan for my month, my week and my days has made a massive difference to my productivity. I’m also spending more time on my own wellbeing as a result of using this planner"

A thoughtfully crafted &

beautifully made personal planner.

→ Monthly plan with goals and project timelines
→ Weekly plans to set your habits and keep building them
→ Daily plans keep you focussed & remind you of what's important
→ Work-life balance is taken care of with a focus on the critical areas of work, home & relationships and self.
→ 80 blank pages for meeting notes and brain storming

→ Each planner lasts three months.

Tips, tricks and support to get the most out of your planner.

Enhance your productivity with our online tutorials and articles to help you get the most out of your focus planner.

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About the creator of
The Focus Planner, Tony Wilson.

Originally Tony was a performance coach for elite athletes and sporting teams throughout Australia and the USA.

Tony combines his degrees in performance science and contemporary management theory to put a unique start on high performance in and out of the office.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Australian postage is free. International orders have a shipping cost of A$15.00

Do you have a refund policy

Yes. If you're unhappy with the product please contact us within 30 days.

How long will delivery take?

For Australian deliveries expect to receive your planner in around 3 days and 7-10 days for International deliveries.

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